Teacher Training Programme

In this three-day teacher-training programme, you will train to deliver the BeeMindful Children’s Programme. You will attend three full days, taught one day per fortnight (three full days over the course of six weeks) allowing for the opportunity to embed course content in the classroom and feedback. This is an invaluable element of our programme, allowing teachers the opportunity to reflect, share best practice and be supported.

During the training programme, the teacher will participate in real-time lessons, practise guiding the BeeMindful meditations and deliver course content to other course participants. Please note participants must complete all three days in order to deliver the programme.

Participants will receive materials required to teach the programme including lesson plans, a PowerPoint slideshow for each lesson and meditation scripts.

Detailed information about the BeeMindful Children’s Programme content

Programme Conditions:  

  • Those who complete this programme are not qualified to train others to deliver the curriculum.
  • Teaching resources are not to be shared with others as limited experience in mindfulness practice can impact negatively on the child.
  • The BeeMindful programme is a classroom-based course for teaching in school and other educational settings only. This course must be delivered in educational settings where there are safeguarding policies and procedures in place.

Registration Requirements:

 In order to train to become a BeeMindful teacher there are pre-requisites:

  1. Participants must have completed an eight-week Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Programme undertaken with a recognised organisation.
  2. Participants must have already developed their own regular mindfulness meditation practice for a minimum of six months from the start of the eight-week programme to the start of the Teacher Training Programme.

Please email contact@themindfulnessteachers.co.uk for further information

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