Teacher Wellbeing Day

We had the pleasure of introducing mindfulness to the amazing staff at Green Fold Special School, Farnworth, Bolton as part of their Health and Wellbeing Day. The staff had no idea that they would be scrutinising a raisin that morning but that’s exactly what they did as we talked about stepping out of autopilot.

We live so much of our lives in autopilot, doing one thing whilst our minds are already on the next. Our brains are very clever at allowing us to do routine activities without actually having to focus our attention on what we are doing. This is an invaluable skill but if we live in this mode all of the time we can miss what’s actually happening in the present moment.

There were lots of interesting responses to the raisin exercise. Some members of staff noticed the rich flavour of the raisin, which they hadn’t observed before, as one of them said, “I usually just grab a handful and eat them without really noticing what they taste like”. Another enjoyed the sensation of rolling the raisin between the fingers; whilst another told us how surprised they were that a raisin could make a sound.

We also introduced a noticing distraction meditation. The staff were surprised to notice how many times their minds wandered from one thought to the next and how a chain of thoughts could be totally unrelated to one another. We call this the ‘Monkey Mind’ because our thoughts jump to and fro, just like a monkey jumping back and forth through the trees.

We ended the session with a short, seated body scan. By focusing our attention on the body we are able to move away from the internal chatter going on in our minds. One participant said, “I have never noticed before the feel of my shoes and clothing in contact with my skin”. Another said, “I felt like I was floating.” By the end of the body scan the staff were feeling totally relaxed, in fact so relaxed they didn’t want it to end.

We thank Gary Anders, Headteacher, for inviting us to take part in their day. We received lovely feedback from the staff and the mindful experience was enjoyed by all.

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  1. Gary Anders

    I would like to thank you Sue for the mindfulness sessions you delivered. They really contributed to a relaxing day, helping us to prepare for half term. The staff team all said they really enjoyed the activities and many said they would like to try mindfulness again.

  2. Thanks Gary for your feedback. It’s great to hear that many staff said they would like to try mindfulness again.

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