Workplace Healthcare

We had the pleasure of delivering mindfulness as part of a Health and Wellbeing Day organised by Workplace Healthcare.  We were greeted and made to feel welcome by the very friendly staff who had been treated to a variety of well-being activities, including massage.  Some arrived at our session already feeling relaxed.

The previous experience of the staff was mixed; some had done a little mindfulness practice before, whilst some had heard of it but didn’t really know much about it, and those who had practised before didn’t have a regular mindfulness routine in place.

The session was divided into three sections. The first focussed on ‘stepping out of autopilot’.  We then moved on to noticing our thoughts and becoming aware of how often our minds are distracted.  We ended the session with a body scan, becoming aware of what is happening in our body, rather than always being ‘in our heads’.

By the end of the session, they all said they had felt the benefit.  From the written feedback they said they found it ‘very useful’ and was of ‘benefit to them’ and would like more mindfulness in the workplace in the future.

A few of the comments we received:

“I felt I could finally relax and usually I struggle.  I thoroughly enjoyed and feel enlightened.”

“Very relaxing and informative.  I actually switched off.”

“The enthusiasm of the teachers.  They are lovely.”

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