SAGE Staff Wellbeing

The global company SAGE is at the forefront when looking after their staff wellbeing.  They recently held a company wellbeing week, of which we were pleased to be a part of at their Salford Quays office.

We provided a one-hour lunchtime mindfulness session to a team of Technical Advisors, Team Managers and Site Managers.  None of them had participated in mindfulness before and were curious to know more about it and to find out what the benefits might be.

We covered the basics: stepping out of autopilot, looking at things from the beginner’s mind, short and longer breathing meditations and a body scan.

The feedback was very positive; after each meditation, they said they felt a sense of calm, and their minds were less cluttered with thoughts.  Many members of staff said they would benefit from being able to introduce mindfulness into their daily lives and expressed how difficult this was for those who worked full time.  We discussed building mindfulness into their working day, for example, taking a few moments at their desk to do a three-minute breathing space.  We also talked about the possibility of finding a quiet space in the workplace where they could sit and meditate for ten minutes.

If you would like to introduce mindfulness into your workplace, then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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