Prince William Announces Launch of Online ‘Mental Health at Work’ Gateway

You may be surprised to hear that a major study into workplace wellbeing by the mental health charity Mind  has revealed that 48 per cent of the 44,000 employees surveyed said they have experienced a mental health problem in their current job.

One of the major concerns is that people do not feel comfortable to share their mental wellbeing with their employers.

The findings of the study are revealed as a new online Mental Health at Work gateway launched by HRH the Duke of Cambridge.

Mind, with support from The Royal Foundation, Heads Together and 11 other organisations, has created the UK-wide portal as a free resource for both employers and employees.

The gateway brings together information, advice, resources and training that workplaces can use to improve wellbeing and give employees the mental health support they need.

The survey revealed that offering managers proper support can make a huge difference. Managers who felt their employer supported their mental health, or actively built their skills in supporting team members with mental health problems, were far more likely to feel confident in promoting staff wellbeing.

Those staff who felt their manager supported their mental health or could spot the signs that someone might be struggling were far more likely to say they would be able to talk about their mental health at work.

Only 2 per cent of people feel comfortable to talk to their HR department about their mental health.  Well it’s time to take notice.  It’s time for change.

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