Mike is a Salford Artist with a studio in Swinton. He specialise in Acrylic paint and pen and ink drawings.

Mike recently retired from a very demanding occupation and is now able to devote his time to his art. He loves to paint with imagination and energy. He has always been a doodler and used to draw cartoons for a News Paper in South Africa.

Mike now devotes much of his time to his art work. After going through a very difficult period at work, taking six months off with ill health Mike wanted something to occupy his mind and at the same time be creative and so he began drawing with a technical pen. He soon found that his self-esteem improved and Tumbles was born. Mike was then able to return to work for another five years before retiring.

Mike then concentrated on refining his method in order to make it something that anyone can do.  In his workshops he breaks it down into simple basic steps. The beauty of creating a Tumble is that it can be as simple or complex as you like and can be done bit by bit.