We are thrilled to be able to offer you this three-hour Mindful Photography workshop with our guest speaker Heather Greenbank of Northern Light aka The Mindful Photographer.  Heather is a qualified Mindfulness trainer and has been teaching mindfulness courses since 2011.  She is also a qualified therapist and clinical supervisor with over 20 years experience.

What will be covered? This workshop gives you a chance to learn about and explore mindful photography in a fun, safe and non-judgemental space. There will be an Introduction to Mindful Photography, including short sitting meditations. You will explore and photograph objects mindfully, venturing outside in the dynamic surroundings of Salford Quays to mindfully photograph whatever draws you. We will conclude the day with the opportunity to share photographs and experiences.

What you won’t need – previous experience of photography, or an expensive camera!

What you will need – a mobile phone with a camera is fine – or you can bring a digital camera with an empty memory card. Remember to charge your device up and ideally bring a charger with you just in case. Also, we’ll be going outside,so please bring suitable footwear and warm / waterproof clothing as needed.

Why mindful photography?  Practising mindful photography is a way of slowing down and really seeing things that you would normally walk past without noticing – such as a the glint of a broken bottle in an alleyway, or a bird perching on a chimney-pot – looking with fresh eyes at the ‘ordinary and everyday’ things, and really connecting with the subject.  Looking through a camera in a meditative, present-moment way, can help us to savour the here-and-now, be very absorbing, calming and sometimes some surprising images emerge!

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in taking photos – no previous experience is required, however, if you do have experience of photography this may help you learn to take a more mindful approach.

How many people will be on the workshop? We have a maximum of fourteen spaces.

How do I book my place? Click on the event title in the Book An Event section, which will take you to a page similar to this. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the booking section.

All Photographs used in this event description are accredited to Heather Greenbank, The Mindful Photographer.