We offer an eight-week programme developed specifically for teachers and support staff; delivered by experienced teachers who understand the pressures and challenges faced by those who work in educational settings. We recognise the urgent need to equip individuals with the skills to cope and to be able to deal with challenges in a positive and proactive way, thus being able to thrive in life both inside and outside of school. You will learn to recognise and understand your stress triggers, your habitual patterns of behaviour and implement mindful strategies so that you can enjoy a more fulfilled, creative and peaceful life.

During the eight weeks we will explore a number of themes along with guided practice:

Guided Practices

You will learn several meditation techniques and will develop a fundamental core skill of paying attention, without judgement, noticing what is happening in the present moment in your mind, body and the world around you.

You will be guided through formal mindful activities such as mindful walking, yoga, music and other every-day activities.

Becoming Aware of Your Thought Patterns

We get caught up in the demands that come with teaching such as planning, assessments, report writing, behaviour issues, dealing with parents and much more. Our minds get trapped in a tangled web of thoughts and often we can’t see the wood for the trees. Through the guided practices you will begin to notice where your thoughts are and will learn to notice when you are multi-tasking and taking on too many tasks simultaneously.

The exercises help us to recognise that some thoughts are not particularly helpful, which can impact negatively on our lives. Once we begin to notice our thought patterns we are empowered to choose how we react and make better decisions, rather than responding based on autopilot.

Learning to be Kinder to Yourself and Others

Those who work in the education sector are often self-critical and wanting to perform to their very best. This can be accentuated by all the scrutiny they are regularly subjected to. Due to such pressures and demands, we sometimes forget to look after ourselves and this can impact on our relationships. Mindfulness teaches us to recognise self-critical thoughts and instead develop a more compassionate attitude to ourselves and towards others.

Home Practice

Home practices are an essential part of the programme. You will receive a CD of guided meditations to support your home practice, and we will spend time in class discussing different ways of finding time for the formal practices and integrating the informal practices into your daily life.

Further Information

If you would like us to deliver a bespoke in-house mindfulness course to your staff, please email us for further information contact@themindfulnessteachers.co.uk