In this eight-week programme, you will learn a number of strategies for dealing with stressful situations, helping you become calmer and more resilient, ultimately leading to a happier life.  The programme includes a combination of meditation practices, discussion, research evidence and skills for coping with the stresses and strains that life presents.

During the eight weeks, we will explore a number of themes along with guided practice:

Guided Meditation Practices

Through meditation you will learn to notice, to stand back and to observe instead of being pulled by circumstance, feeling less trapped by particular moods and habitual negative thinking. You will develop a fundamental core skill of paying attention, without judgement, noticing what is happening in the present moment in your mind, body and the world around you.  We will provide access to the recordings.

Becoming Aware of Your Thought Patterns

Practice encourages you to recognise that some thoughts are not particularly helpful and that we sometimes catastrophise, which then impacts negatively on our lives. You will explore your thought patterns, allowing you to free yourself from unhelpful thoughts, enabling you to choose how you react rather than responding based on autopilot.

Learning to be Kinder to Yourself and Others

A key feature of mindfulness practice is self-compassion and compassion towards others. We are so often self-critical and such thoughts can be very damaging to wellbeing and happiness. Mindfulness teaches us to recognise critical thoughts and instead develop a more compassionate attitude to ourselves and towards others.

Home Practice

Home practices are an essential part of the programme. You will receive guided meditations to support you, and we will spend time in class discussing different ways of finding time for the formal practices and integrating the informal practices into your daily life.


You can cancel your place and get a full refund if cancelled within seven days prior to commencement of the course.