At the end of our six-week Mindfulness for Children’s programme we ask the children to write down what they enjoyed about the sessions, how mindfulness can help them and whether they will continue to practice at home and school.  These are just a few of the positive comments written by some of the year 5 and 6 pupils:

What have you enjoyed about learning mindfulness?

“Mindfulness is very relaxing and I have never felt as calm as this before.  I like noticing things that I’ve never noticed before.  I enjoyed hearing things outside the room and I’ve never heard them before because my mind is noisy.” Year 5

“I can get calmer now when I’m unhappy.  And that I’ve met two nice teachers. Also I’ve enjoyed that I can learn how to do more quieter stuff around the house.”  Y5

“I have enjoyed how it helps you calm down and how you can stop at any time when you have any problems, it’s good because it’s short and it only takes a couple of minutes”. Y6

“I have enjoyed experiencing silence in the room and how I can relax now that I have been taught these meditations. When we listened to the instruments was my favourite one, it made me feel so calm, making all the fuss out of my head go away”. Y6

How do you think mindfulness can help you?

 “If you are having a bad day just do a short session of mindfulness and it makes you calmer.”  Y5

“If you are stressed/annoyed/angry or upset you can use it.  After a busy day if you want to sit and relax for a few minutes, use FOFBOC (feet on floor, back on chair).”  Y5

“I have used the FOFBOC when I have had pressure on me in class and sometimes at home. Also if you flip your lid you could use Calming Carly and do a bit of meditation; settle yourself”. Y6

“I think this skill could help me at any age, ant moment with any amount of stress”. Y6

“It can help me stay calm, it will help me in tough situations such as school and home and even fall outs with friends.” Y6

Do you think you will continue to practice mindfulness at home and at school?

“I will practice mindfulness at home and school because I enjoy it.”  Y5

“Yes I think I will practice mindfulness at home and at school because it is awesome!”  Y5

“Yes, because it will help me if I am upset or in a bad situation, I will take a moment to think”. Y6