At the end of each session on our six-week Mindfulness for Children’s programme we ask the children to write reflections on what they noticed.  These are a few reflections from some of the year 5 and 6 pupils.

Kindness to Self and Others

“I noticed that being good and kind can feel very nice inside.” Year 5

“It made me feel calm and happy because I know that I’m going to make the world light and be colourful.” Year 5

 Mindful Breathing

“I noticed that I was feeling cold and tired and I also felt different and I noticed. I liked it when we could tell our expression to the class. It made me feel like I could say how I actually feel about it all.” Year 5

“I noticed that when I breathed in it was cold in my nostrils but when I breathed out my nostrils felt warm… I disliked it when the infants went out for playtime and made a lot of noise.” Year 5

 Mindful Movement

“I noticed that when I do the shoulder movement my shoulders hurt.” Year 5

“ It made me feel heavy in my legs and arms.” Year 5

 Mindfulness of Sounds

 “I felt really refreshed and it made my body shake. It made me feel relaxed.” Year 5

“I noticed when B played his instrument it sounded like the sea going up and down.” Year 5

Raisin Exercise

“I noticed the raisin was wrinkly and sticky.  I liked feeling the raising because I’ve never felt anything like it.  I disliked the sound of it when I put it next to my ear.  It made me feel excited because I got to eat it.” Year 5

“I liked the raisin when I put it in my mouth because I never knew the texture of a raisin but now I do.” Year 5