Do you feel that life is frantic? Is your mind constantly noisy, do you bounce from one task to the next, juggling homework, cooking, shopping, distracted whilst your child discusses the day’s events, rushing the bedtime story all because you have an insurmountable number of things that you MUST do before you can even think about sitting down?

Parenting involves significant juggling which can sometimes cause us to be irritable, short-tempered and dare I say it unapproachable. Relationships tend to suffer, children tune into parents’ stress, which in turn impacts on behaviour.

With the endless list of tasks and challenges to overcome, not forgetting the ever-growing responsibility of being a good parent, we struggle to enjoy the present moment. Many mums and dads do not notice the moment they are in, instead, they are caught up in thought, living on autopilot and failing to recognise the present, despite knowing that their children are rapidly changing and growing up fast.

Mindfulness teaches us to be present, to notice and recognise distractions and stress triggers, it enables us to have space between our thoughts, allowing us to tune into and enjoy the daily tasks that are currently part of life’s daily grind.

This online course is aimed to help parents and carers take a step back, take a breath, recognise what’s happening and begin enjoying life with their children.  Learn how to step out of autopilot, become less stressed, and more able to cope.

The course content includes:

Meditation Sessions

These will develop your awareness of thought patterns, awareness of emotions and of body sensations, being kind to self and others and will equip you with the tools to observe what is happening in the present moment.


You will have the opportunity to reflect on your meditation experiences which will develop your self-awareness.

Mindful Activities

These include an activity which enables you to recognise your response to certain situations and how this in turn impacts on your physical and emotional well-being, and how to ensure you get a good life balance, as well as developing kindness towards yourself and others.

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