Learn how to get organised with our guest speaker KonMari consultant Jane Fern at Organised Houselife.  This two-hour workshop will provide you with tips, advice and methods for keeping your home organised and free from clutter as well as a hands-on practical session showing you a new way to fold and organise your clothes.

People who have implemented the KonMari method into their life have found it to be life transforming. The workshop will be engaging and interesting and we will look at the basics of the KonMari method. You will discover how to start to visualise you own lifestyle and how you can implement the simple organising method in your own home or office and getting the joy back into your life.

Learn how to simplify and organise your home using the KonMari method of organising which was introduced by the Japanese best-selling author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.

Often we become so busy that we don’t realise that our lives have become chaotic and cluttered and a cluttered life leads to a cluttered mind. We will also look at some of the automatic routines and habits that we form and suggest practical ways of making simple changes which in turn will improve our lifestyle and overall wellbeing.